Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Des Moines

Our attorneys represent clients before various administrative agencies handling every type of governmental proceeding. We know how to navigate the regulations and administrative codes before state and federal agencies to obtain the best result for our clients. Most state and federal laws delegate to administrative agencies the authority to make rules, decisions, and hear appeals from decisions. While some laws allow a court to hear an appeal de novo (present new evidence), many laws limit court review of only the evidence presented before the administrative agency. Our attorneys will evaluate the best course of action available to you and prepare your case following the required procedures and administrative rules of the particular agency.
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Types of Administrative Actions

  • Appeals
  • Audits and Complaints
  • Consent Agreements and Decrees
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Fact Finding Conferences
  • Federal Agencies
  • Iowa Civil Rights Commission
  • Iowa Insurance Division
  • Disciplinary Actions Before Professional Licensing Boards:
    • Board of Medicine
    • Attorney Disciplinary Board
    • Nursing Board
    • Iowa Dental Board
    • Iowa Board of Pharmacy