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Let GBSW Law Help You Gain a Fresh Financial Start

Struggling with debt problems causes a tremendous amount of strain and stress on people’s lives, resulting in a sense of uncertainty for the future. Millions of people suffering from the pressure of falling behind in meeting financial obligations can often feel crippled by growing debt troubles and the damages imposed on their financial status. If you are one of the many people faced with a seemingly insurmountable financial predicament, you are not alone. There is hope. Our attorneys at Gribbles, Boles, Stewart & Witosky in Des Moines, Iowa are experts in bankruptcy law and can provide you with the professional support you need to find relief. We have over 175 years of collective experience and will help guide you throughout the entirety of the bankruptcy process. No matter the complexity of your financial circumstance, let GBSW Law help you regain financial independence. Learn more about our bankruptcy services and contact us today.

The bankruptcy practice at GBSW is managed / supervised by Jim Cossitt, a specialist with almost 40 years of specialized expertise. Please visit his website to get more information about the range of services and his background.

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Choose GBSW Law to Manage Your Bankruptcy Case

You shouldn’t have to continue struggling with the burden of your financial debt. Declaring bankruptcy can help you get back into control. Bankruptcy is designed to help you reduce or eliminate debt, shield you from ongoing debt collection attempts, and build toward a positive financial future. When you partner with the attorneys at GBSW Law to manage your bankruptcy claim, you’ll gain many financial advantages such as:
  • Receive Expert Bankruptcy Counsel
  • Eliminate Wage Garnishment
  • Prevent Eviction
  • Prevent Home Foreclosure
  • Prevent Property Repossession
  • Stop Debt Collection Agency Harassment
  • Wipe Out or Reduce Growing Debt
  • Avoid Debt Lawsuits
  • Restructure Existing Payments into Smaller Sums
  • Prevent Future Financial Disasters
  • Obtain Instant Relief
  • Gain a Fresh Start
  • Increase Credit Rating
  • Get Better Access to Banking Options
  • Improve Overall Financial Situation

GBSW Law – Guiding Good People Toward Better Times

Filing for bankruptcy is a highly effective process in getting out from underneath financial adversity. Understanding the options available to you is the first essential step in the bankruptcy process. One type of bankruptcy involves debt liquidation bankruptcy, also known as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which property is forfeited in order to pay back creditors, resulting in permanent debt discharge. Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves debt reorganization, which restructures qualified debt into a payment installment plan to repay a portion of the debt while retaining property. During difficult financial hardship, the last things you should have to worry about are all the complex legal proceedings involved in filing for bankruptcy. If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, call the law offices of Gribbles, Boles, Stewart & Witosky today. We'll help you understand all the options involved in a bankruptcy, and guide you toward a solution throughout every step of the process. Call us today.

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