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Family Lawyers in Des Moines, IA

Our team of attorneys has the ability to handle family law issues for Iowans that can require a simple, negotiated settlement or an aggressive approach with compassion to secure the desired outcome. Protecting our clients’ best interests is the heart of our family law focus. Any legal issues involving your family are incredibly challenging both emotionally and financially. Our attorneys strive to layout for our clients an action plan for their goals and to keep them informed throughout the entire legal process. No matter your family law issue whether considering a divorce, need to establish a custody arrangement or need to modify or appeal an existing court order or have an order that needs to be enforced, our attorneys have the expertise, knowledge, and creative problem-solving skills to help you get a fair resolution of your family law dispute.
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Types of Cases We Handle


We handle all aspects of divorce including business and real estate valuations to deferred compensation and marital debt, we help clients reach settlements and move on with their lives.

Spousal Support

We can help you determine whether maintenance (alimony) is a factor in your divorce and how much is reasonable.

Child Custody

We can represent you in custody determination and negotiating a parenting plan, including advocacy if one parent wants to relocate away from the area.

Child Support

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the Iowa child support guidelines to ensure a fair and proper support award is ordered for your children.

Cohabitation Agreements

Our attorneys assist unmarried partners decide how to divide certain expenses and which assets should be kept separate.

Family Law Appeals

Should you feel you were not granted a fair trial or if a mistake was made during the divorce process, our attorneys are here to assist you in determining if you have grounds to appeal the decision.

Same-Sex Family Law

Our attorneys handle same-sex divorces and custody disputes, and we help couples dissolve civil unions.

Third-Party and Grandparent Visitation

We can help grandparents and other relatives obtain visitation or custodial rights in appropriate circumstances. We also represent parents who are opposed to such outside involvement in their family relationships.

Post-Decree Modifications and Enforcement

After the original divorce is final, often you need to make modifications or adjustments to hold your ex-spouse to their part of the agreement.

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Prior to getting married or considering formalizing your financial plans during a marriage, it is critical to establish how property and assets would be divided at the time of a future death or divorce.

Domestic Violence

Our attorneys can assist and advise you regarding your rights and talk to you about the appropriate options including securing protective orders.