Reach a Resolution With an Effective Mediator

Mediation is an increasingly popular form of alternative dispute resolution available across all types of civil disputes. It is required in most cases involving custody and divorce issues throughout the State of Iowa. Custody and divorce litigation can create challenging, if not devastating, times for families. Civil litigation generally can cause turmoil in daily life. GBSW Law can provide hope for a resolution. If you find yourself in need of a mediator, the law offices of Gribbles, Boles, Stewart & Witosky in Des Moines, Iowa offer a reputable team dedicated and prepared to help litigants reach an agreement. As one of the most effective methods of settling legal conflict, mediation is private, confidential and proven to save time, expenses, and the extended grief of a lengthy, arduous trial. Our mediators will serve as a neutral third party in a controlled environment for both sides to make informed decisions and come to a mutual agreement.
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GBSW Law Has Mediators Available for All Your Needs

Many legal disputes can benefit from the use of a mediator. From child custody disputes, divorce cases, and other family-related issues to work injuries, wrongful death cases, breach of contract disputes, and probate processes, mediation is an effective approach to reaching a mutual settlement. When you enlist an experienced mediator at GBSW Law, you’ll be provided guidance toward the best possible outcome while gaining many benefits for both parties involved.
  • Produces Faster Results
  • Saves Time
  • Avoids Significant Court Expenses
  • Less Formal Environment
  • Involves a Trained, Neutral Third Party
  • No Outside Influence
  • Direct Communication
  • Avoids a Lengthy Trial
  • Sessions are Private
  • The Process is Confidential
  • The Final Agreement is Mutual
  • Better Control and Flexibility
  • Greater Compliance
  • Better Outcomes
  • Helps Preserves Relationships

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A mediator’s primary role in your legal dispute is to function as an impartial participant facilitating communication between both parties involved, ensuring every necessary element of the case is considered throughout the process. The mediator will assist each side in diplomatically acknowledging the opposing perspective, explore many potential conflict resolutions, and navigate both parties to an agreement that is mutually agreed upon without the need for an arbitrator or extensive litigation. When you are in need of a solution to your legal conflict, you can be assured that the mediation law team at Gribbles, Boles, Stewart & Witosky is extensively trained and experienced to handle your case, where you’ll be provided the opportunity to meet for an organized discussion and receive qualified counsel to arrive at a definitive outcome. Get in touch with us to learn more about our mediation law services today.
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